Powers of Attorney

Three (3) different powers of attorney forms are offered online:  A General Power of Attorney, a Conditional Power of Attorney and a Special Power of Attorney for Real Estate.  A General Power of Attorney appoints an agent to represent you now. A Conditonal Power of Attorney appoints an agent to represent you, only when you become incapacitated and a designated third party certifies that this has occurred. A Special Power of Attorney for Real Estate appoints someone specifically to represent you with regard to, and only with regard to, transactions involving a particular parcel of real estate.

Step 1:    Pay us. The flat fee for any of these forms is $100.00 (plus credit card charges, as applicable).  This includes crafting the specified type of power of attorney  based upon your answers to our questions below.  One (1) .pdf draft is provided to you by email. You email us your changes, based on the original list of questions, and give us available dates for you to come into our office to execute the final documents.  An appointment is arranged. 

                Payment Options:

                PayPal:  $100.00


                Credit Card:  $103.00 (3% credit card charge applies)

                To pay by credit card, please download, complete, sign and return our

                Credit Card Authorization Form.


Step 2:    Download and answer the questions shown on the applicable interview form:


                General (Unconditional) Power of Attorney 


                General (Conditional) Power of Attorney


                Special Power of Attorney (Real Estate)


                and, Email the form to us at patmccrary@mccrarylawyers.com  

                or fax it to us at (404) 873-5165.


 Step 3:   We will contact you with a draft and suggested dates for document execution. 






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