Keith Eady & Associates, LLC

Ashley McCartney, LLC

Our Office Mates

We share offices with Keith Eady & Associates, LLC, Ashley McCartnery, LLC, and Cornerstone Financial.  Keith Eady & Associates, LLC is a law firm which specializes in bankruptcy, with emphasis in consumer bankruptcies, devoted to helping people who have found themselves victims to a bleak economy. Ashley McCartney, LLC is a law firm which specializes in domestic relations, aggressive advocates for people in the midst of divorce, child custody battles, etc. Cornernstone Financial is a financial planning firm, qualified to handle virtually all of your investment needs.  With McCrary & Associates, P.C., these firms do our best to offer our clients and customers the highest quality legal, real estate and financial services.

That said, none of these firms shares fees, retainers, commissions or other compensation with any other such company; unless we specifically agree to do so in writing with our clients.  Each firm operates independently from the other(s).  We are not partners in any way.  By obtaining services from any one of these firms, you are not obligated to accept services from the other such companies. None of these companies is liable or responsible for the conduct or activities of the other(s).