I started practice in 1983 as a commercial trial lawyer.  I now consider myself to be a recovering litigator.  It is my personal belief that, especially in the area of real estate and in most business litigation, the only winners are the lawyers and expert witnesses who get paid big fees to help resolve disputes which the parties should have been able to resolve on their own, with proper help and guidance from qualified professionals. So, I try my best to keep my clients out of court. If there are viable alternatives to litigation, such as mediation or arbitration, I urge my clients to explore them. I am also a trained civil mediator. However, if litigation is unavoidable, I am a zealous advocate for my clients. I fight, and I fight to win.

                                                                                                             - J. Patrick McCrary, November 2011

    The types of dispute resolution that we regularly handle include:

    Real Estate Disputes:  Including quiet title actions; boundary line disputes; partition proceedings; foreclosures; landlord-tenant disputes; construction litigation.

    Business Disputes: Business contract disputes; non-EEO employment disputes, including restrictive covenants and non-competition agreements; real estate partnership dissolution proceedings.

    Special Master Proceedings:  I have served as a "special master" for the Fulton County Superior Court in quiet title proceedings, including tax title actions; and, as "commissioner" in partition litigation.

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