McCrary & Associates, P.C. generally does not offer legal services on a "contingency" basis. Our fees are generally based upon either an hourly or a fixed-fee basis.  Currently, our hourly rate is $300/hr plus expenses, and retainers (deposits to be applied toward payment of hourly charges) are generally required. Our fees are generally below market in the Atlanta area for attorneys with similar experience. In most matters, our initial consultation fee is currently a flat $300.  Services provided after the initial consultation, unless otherwise agreed by us in writing, are offered at our then-current hourly rates, plus expenses.  

If you consult with our firm in-person, by email, by phone, or otherwise, please expect to be charged a fee of at least $300 unless we agree in writing otherwise. Paralegal time is billed at a rate of $60 per hour. We always try to make sure that new clients understand our fee structures before we start doing work for them.

No consultation fees are charged for estate planning work which results in our firm producing documents for you, for an agreed fixed fee.  If you consult with us about estate planning work and do not engage our services, a consultation of $300 will be due.

Likewise, no consultation fees are charged for organizational consultations (corporations, limited liability companies, etc.) which result in our firm creating organizational documents for you for an agreed fixed fee. If you consult with us about organizational work and do not engage our services, a consultation fee of $300 will be due. 

We accept credit cards, purely as a courtesy to clients. A 3% surcharge will apply to all credit card charges, to offset credit card processing fees which we will owe for any charge.

You can also pay for initial consultations, and other charges as well, using PayPal:

Make Payment Through PayPal:


Likewise, PayPal processsing charges will be charged back to the client.