Ask Us - But, Need A Faster Response?

Don't have time to fill out a form just to ask a quick question?  Feel free to email us your question by clicking here:

We will try to get back to you as quickly as we can.  This courtesy is only available to folks who might need a simple answer to a simple question that we can answer without a formal consultation or additional facts from you (e.g. "Where do I file small claims complaints?" or "Where can I find a good bankruptcy lawyer?").  Before we will respond to any email, we must have at least the following:  (a) Your full legal name; (b) If you are involved in a dispute, the names of all other people involved in the same dispute; (c) A valid working phone  number for you; and, (d)  A brief synopsis of your situation or question. 

Please do not attach any documents.  We will not open them or review them until and unless we speak with you personally.  We also will not visit any links in your email.

We still have to say:

    1.    An email is not a substitute for a formal consultation.  Until we actually meet with you and review any documents relevant to your situation, you may not rely upon our response as giving you definitive, or even accurate, advice.  

   2.   Lawyers generally cannot give specific advice based upon general questions.  If you ask and receive an answer to a general question, you  may not rely upon any response we give as being accurate in connection with your specific fact situation about which we have not been informed. Any lawyer needs all the relevant facts before giving you good advice.

   3.    Your emailing us a question, and us responding, will not create an attorney-client relationship between us. Until your formally engage our services, we are not acting as your attorney and anything you tell us is not protected  in any way.  Accordingly, you should provide no information by email  which you deem to be confidential or privileged.  When in doubt CALL US, rather than submit your questions using this form.

   4.    We may need more information from you before we can answer your questions. 

   5.    If your question is time-sensitive, i.e. if you need a response or think you need a response by a certain time or date, CALL US instead.  While we try to respond promptly to all questions, we do not guarantee that will happen.